Honor of it all

Come sail away with me

Chapter VIII

As we find our party, they have discovered a large structure with a dock attached. With the need of a river crossing our heroes make their way to the port. They identify some king’s guards up ahead to which the try their luck with moving past them. The Teifling is not keen on this plan and slips away unnoticed.
The rest of the party finds no problems walking into port. They take in the sight of the small bizarre that seems to be in front of the dock’s inn. The party decides they need to find passage on the next boat and head to the inn. Upon entering the inn they see that the bottom level of this establishment is a tavern and seems to be quiet busy. Cole talks up the bartender for info on the next boat as Crae grabs a drink. Oboe sees some men that are out of place in a corner of the tavern and decided to introduce himself by sitting down and grabbing a drink. This provokes strange behaviors from one person and aggressive stance from another large human beside him. This grabs Crae’s attention and an unsaid battle rates between two minds. Crae ends the victor as the hooded individuals leave. Oboh took this as win in intimidation and joins Crae to gloat. Later the adventures regroup at the the bar after no information is gathered from their slight investigations around the tavern. With the environment seemingly friendly, our group takes in a nice meal and drink. This leads to song as the whole Tavern starts to join in. Our group carries this joyful activity out for most of the evening. As the night creeps upon the inn most depart or retire to be ready for tomorrow. Our group finally decided to call it a night and settles down for rest in some rooms. Oboh’s sleep problem takes him to another room that he’s is welcomed to share the bed for once. As the night weathers on a familiar voice reached out to Crae’s mind and asked to meet him behind the inn quickly. Crae makes his way to the appointed place to discover his old friend Keller from his happier days in the court. They catch up and Crae is told of another way to the other side of the river. As the evening wears on Keller lets Crae in on happenings about and that he was part of ring of people keeping track of the king. Keller not revealing all his secrets slips away and seems to vanish. Crae makes his way back to his room and spends the rest of the night pondering on the information he received.
The light of day brings decisions and planning as our heroes hash out the best route to cross the river. They make no friends with the Drow that are loading the recently arrived ferry boat. The group decides that to not chance it and board the ship. There seemed to be no resistance to this choice and they make their way into the ship. As they set sail Cole makes some new friends and learns some sailing skills. Oboh and Crae do some exploring only to find that this is a typical ferry. The Tiefling watches from a false face and keeps tabs on an element of the port and ferry crew that doesn’t seem right. As the they sail along Oboh and Cole try their hand at starting an unarmed combat show but Oboh knocks out Cole with his first blow. This kind of short showing doesn’t bring in the crowd so they resolve to rest until they make land.
The group makes land early in the morning and give their compliments and regards to the crew of the ferry upon leaving. As they enter the base of the mountain port they notice that it is not as nice as the other. They ask around to find that the mining town down the road is where everyone is living/staying as part of the mining operations. Our group, being eager to find this town that Crae had dreamed of, set out towards the mountain pass. They are warned that it would be dangerous but this not being a concern they head into the danger with a full head of steam. The Teifling not seeing any other hopes of protection slowly paces them with worry on her mind.



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