Honor of it all

Their cold dead hands
Chapter IX

The adventurers make there way along the dark foreboding path with a light heart and watchful eye. They run into a Drow hunting party which turns into a very long and uneventful interrogation. They learn that the Drow inhabit these areas and food is scarce. With knowing that food maybe a factor Crae helps himself to a fresh victim and fills his mental and physical hunger. The group seeing this as a good idea decided to have a Drow Bbq. With most of the groups appetite satisfied, they begin to take some rest. This rest is interrupted by some scuffles at first and then a large thunderous step that seems to be coming closer. The group decides that they need to make their way from the sound and begin early down the path again.
As they travel they here sounds in the roll off of the mountain path. This is proceeded with a heavy fog and louder groans and shuffling. They soon discover that the undead have made their way to them and seem to have need of a tasty meal also. Our heroes make short work of the first barrage of corpses. This seeming to be a first wave the group builds a bottle necking point with the wrecked bodies and start to lay waste to the next wave. In the fury of battle the team hears a woman’s voice cry for help. Being the ever gentleman he is, Oboh runs out into the fog to help her only to discover she is something darker. He is afflicted with some sort of curse and she vanishes.
The battle goes on with Crae and Cole wasting little time on the walking masses that seem to be surrounding them. Another cry for help is heard but this time its in another area of the fog and sounds as if a child is in need of help. Cole, not to be out done in valor by Oboh, runs to the rescue resulting in the same type of result having been cursed and left alone. Our heroes struggle with eradicating the undead menace and making their way out of the fog. Crae and the Teifling try to show a light and lead their friends out of the thick cover. This leads to a struggle between the Teifling and the Hag, as she reveals herself, in coaxing the others from the fog. She is also cursed and at the Hags mercy when the creature stops. There seems to be a unheard conversation between the Hag and something else. This leaves an opening for the team to regroup and lead an attack against her. They seem to be rebuking the Hag but suddenly she disappears into the fog and the group is left to recuperate after the onslaught. They make camp and are left in peace for the rest of the night.
The next day is filled with silence and a fork in the road. The groups takes the upward the path and makes their way up the mountain. They no sooner start this leg of the road when they are attacked by another Drow hunting party. Our heroes defend themselves with all matters of natural resources. Almost all of the Drow are dealt with and our team makes their way to the top of the mountain. They are soon reminded that sometimes planning is best with long trips as the weather turns cold and harsh. They battle and struggle their way to the end of the trail to find a wood fortress. They are hailed to stop and identify themselves. This fort would not be that unsual except for the fact that it looks massive and is built with all matters of wood and rock. With the environment being an undefeatable foe or heroes are at the mercy of the inhabitants of this strange stronghold.


Come sail away with me
Chapter VIII

As we find our party, they have discovered a large structure with a dock attached. With the need of a river crossing our heroes make their way to the port. They identify some king’s guards up ahead to which the try their luck with moving past them. The Teifling is not keen on this plan and slips away unnoticed.
The rest of the party finds no problems walking into port. They take in the sight of the small bizarre that seems to be in front of the dock’s inn. The party decides they need to find passage on the next boat and head to the inn. Upon entering the inn they see that the bottom level of this establishment is a tavern and seems to be quiet busy. Cole talks up the bartender for info on the next boat as Crae grabs a drink. Oboe sees some men that are out of place in a corner of the tavern and decided to introduce himself by sitting down and grabbing a drink. This provokes strange behaviors from one person and aggressive stance from another large human beside him. This grabs Crae’s attention and an unsaid battle rates between two minds. Crae ends the victor as the hooded individuals leave. Oboh took this as win in intimidation and joins Crae to gloat. Later the adventures regroup at the the bar after no information is gathered from their slight investigations around the tavern. With the environment seemingly friendly, our group takes in a nice meal and drink. This leads to song as the whole Tavern starts to join in. Our group carries this joyful activity out for most of the evening. As the night creeps upon the inn most depart or retire to be ready for tomorrow. Our group finally decided to call it a night and settles down for rest in some rooms. Oboh’s sleep problem takes him to another room that he’s is welcomed to share the bed for once. As the night weathers on a familiar voice reached out to Crae’s mind and asked to meet him behind the inn quickly. Crae makes his way to the appointed place to discover his old friend Keller from his happier days in the court. They catch up and Crae is told of another way to the other side of the river. As the evening wears on Keller lets Crae in on happenings about and that he was part of ring of people keeping track of the king. Keller not revealing all his secrets slips away and seems to vanish. Crae makes his way back to his room and spends the rest of the night pondering on the information he received.
The light of day brings decisions and planning as our heroes hash out the best route to cross the river. They make no friends with the Drow that are loading the recently arrived ferry boat. The group decides that to not chance it and board the ship. There seemed to be no resistance to this choice and they make their way into the ship. As they set sail Cole makes some new friends and learns some sailing skills. Oboh and Crae do some exploring only to find that this is a typical ferry. The Tiefling watches from a false face and keeps tabs on an element of the port and ferry crew that doesn’t seem right. As the they sail along Oboh and Cole try their hand at starting an unarmed combat show but Oboh knocks out Cole with his first blow. This kind of short showing doesn’t bring in the crowd so they resolve to rest until they make land.
The group makes land early in the morning and give their compliments and regards to the crew of the ferry upon leaving. As they enter the base of the mountain port they notice that it is not as nice as the other. They ask around to find that the mining town down the road is where everyone is living/staying as part of the mining operations. Our group, being eager to find this town that Crae had dreamed of, set out towards the mountain pass. They are warned that it would be dangerous but this not being a concern they head into the danger with a full head of steam. The Teifling not seeing any other hopes of protection slowly paces them with worry on her mind.


You gotta know when to hold them and when to fold them
Chapter VII

With a bit more power and a idea of where to go our group make haste out of the Elven village. As they make their way through the wreckage, they are approached by a hooded individual that is looking for companions out of the forest. The group agrees that strength is in numbers and they head out of the village. This mysterious associate seems to be more than the initial appearance as she revels her true face which causes some in the group to see her as a higher power. Truly, the group has become a group of misfits set on completing the mission set out by the old heroes.

As with all decisions from our adventures, the path taken out of the village is a quick choice but one not taken by many in quiet a while. They follow not much more than an animal path through the forest and make the day getting more antiquated with their new friend. As night sets in the group make camp and scrounge up some food for a nice dinner. As everyone is bedded down, the teifling makes her way around the camp and takes some inventory on who and what she is getting into. With mental notes made of some strange behavior by the dragon man. As morning arrives our heroes are accosted by a woodland predator that seems to be nothing more than a mound that devours all that it touches. With some tricky tactics and some luck the heroes emerge victorious from the vegetation mound. Moving down the old path the group encounters some angry sprites and hungry snakes but these pose no match for our heroes as they continue towards the river as shown on their acquired map.

As the group comes closer to the tree line they notice a distinct roar of water. This becomes clearer as they emerge from the forest to see massive waterfalls in the distance. Their curiosity peaks and they make their way towards these thunderous waters. Upon the walk to the waterfalls, tracks are noticed by the river side. These unnatural tracks are understood to belong to fish people that are spotted working near the falls. As the group is spotted by the fish people there is a mob that forms and starts towards our adventures. As they gather closer it is learned that they are to be some kind of offering to now a massive creature that has emerged in the river near the party. Quick thinking to diffuse the situation, the teifling transforms herself to be as great a creature as that in the water. Well as our groups luck usually is, the mob and river monster sees this as a challenge for power and loyalty of the fish people. The monster shows its power by chewing up some followers with help of some mermaids. That proves as to much of a foe for the group and a retreat is called into the woods. After some grunting and profiling near the river shore the monster and fish people disperse and our heroes decide that the ferry on the map seems less death intensive.

A week of travel goes by without any great threat to challenge our group so they are able to make their way towards the ferry location. As they come closer there is a great looking structure ahead that upon closer looks seems to be a dock and inn. Our heroes move to the road in sight of the inn only to discover that there are kings guards around the docks. Will our adventures be captured again? Is the rounding up of heroes still a thing? How will they fair in the ferry?


New companions & Elvish Charm
Chapter VI

Our heroes with a sadness in their heart depart the camp of Kalieth and make their way towards the wood elves village in hopes of finding the scribe. As they travel a billowing of smoke envelopes the sky in the direction of the elven village. This can only mean bad things and puts some dissension in the group. This attitude is amplified as the it seems that secrets are being traded and plans made. As the ill feelings progress the woodland animals make their retreat from whatever events are taking place ahead. The group agrees to settle down for some dinner and plan their movements ahead.
On the outside of the woods in a keep very close, we find a beast kept under close watch. This beast is not as animal as the keep would like to think but as it has committed atrocities against the king the treatment is the same. Crae has bidden his time and made a friend with the days he’s spent in his prison. This friend, an old halfling, has seen Crae as a long lost son and cared for him as such. Within recent weeks the keep has been attacked several time with the last being such that the whole structure shook with some kind of explosion. The halfling being the ever nurturing father found a weak spot in the cells so that his faux son could escape. This piece of luck did not come without a price and a guard discovered the two’s exit. Crae made short work of man and several other companions that came after. Being feeble and frail of heart the halfling ran in terror of the acts that were performed by his faux son. So with so perseverance and little strength Crae made his way to freedom with a horse and guard armor. He flailed the horse to the woods where his belongings were stashed and the voice says go.
As we return to our group we find them getting ready to bed down for some rest after a trying day of swift pace to the elves village. As they do a bit of hunting and start to prepare their spoils, noises in the woods alert them to a presence that is foreign to the typical sounds of the forest. Upon closer investigation and a little intimidation they find a half orc watching them. He brings with him a tasty dinner, to some, of horse. This brings the spirits up on one side of the group but pushes the elf and swordsman to be more reclusive than before. Conversation is had and some of the world events are put together while teasing out new questions of what is happening. As the night falls a hasty abandonment is made by the elf and swordsman as to make it to the village before the less charming companions are there to cause unwanted chaos. Upon the morning the barbarians are not happy with their comrades and sprint to the village to meet up and get some answers to the nightly motives.
What our heroes find is devastation and misery as the village is in complete destruction. They discover the bodies of goblins and humans in armor laying dead on the ground. The warlock tries his skills to retrieve some information the happenings but to no avail. The barbarians and half orc make their way through the mess of the village and find some elves in shock but able to give directions to the leaders of this society. After a confrontation with the swordsman and some quick talking to the elven guard the group makes their way to find Searene with her dead father and dying mother, the king and queen. As she was inconsolable and unhinged by her parents moving on to the next plane she tossed the ring into the and bid them to leave her sight. Our heroes feeling at a loss for where to turn for the one they seek are told to meet with Havvas. She instructs them to meet with her later at her home. The group make their way to her abode by way of escort. They find the place very plain but with elven charms. As they wonder and look around there is a noise that catches the attention of Oboh and upon investigation find Vaellyn sneaking around on the outside of the home. He is brought in and with argument insueing, Crae takes the opportunity to look beyond his mind and see what is being hidden. This doesn’t go well and Vaellyn becomes a mumbling mess as Havvas returns to seize Vaellyn. She informed them was escaping after a failed prison break of captured kings men held in the village. He is taken away but not before Oboh grabs the ring pouch off of him. Havvas asks everyone to join her in the parlor for her council.
As Havvas reveals much with her craft and gives more pieces to the puzzle the path becomes clouded as to where to go. Although, there is a sudden turn towards Crae and labeling him to be a devil and to turn his life around. She ends her session with a presentation of a silver rod inscribed with ancient writing. She asks Crae, Oboh and Cole to grab the rod as the power it has will help them on their quest. Only Cole and Oboh place their hands upon it and Havvas slams her hand upon the jewel a top it. A surge is felt and then a feeling of empowerment surrounds the two. Will they find a road to a better situation. Can answers be pieced together for a whole picture of the chaos the world is in.


Steering towards a goal
Chapter V

The crew fled the town of Reeder in the chaos and destruction that there friend Ganon had made for them. It seems our adventures were not as equipped to fight the great fight as they thought. They didn’t go empty handed as another ring was given in completing a old quest. While licking their wounds they learn a little more of the motivations that drive them forward to finding the truth. This truth becomes a little more real to one of the heroes as the group finds the remnants of a town that was left to to wilderness. With some searching or looting our friends find some nice attire and a little mead. This did come at a price as they had to rid their shelter of some rats in the form of bandits. After doing some house cleaning and getting some rest our companions follow footsteps that confirms they are on the right trail. They make their way to the north forest and discover things are a little off. They spring several traps in the dark to find that a friendly face has apprehended them. Kalieth cuts them down and welcomes them to his humble home. They find some rest and food with stories of time gone by. It seems their friend has been giving the closest keep a run for their money. These tales lead to a grizzly discovery, that Kalieth is severely injured. With a little prodding the group uncovers that he wears a ring and it may keep him in the realm of the living. He tells the party that an army is being built for him to command in the mountains by a bard friend. His time table was sketchy but he had waited for over a month. Everyone resolves to sleep on the problems at hand finds a cozy corner of the forest. As the night passes Kalieth finds little rest and talks with the elf about what has transpired on their road here. Kalieth decides he needs some well earned rest from this puzzle and the long fight he has carried out and gives another ring to the party. Kalieth slips off to bed and to his final resting place. The morning brings sadness and a hard decisions but with resources low the group procures some magical items and heads towards the elven village.


Stand and Deliver
Chapter IV

The adventures have been welcomed into secret den of the great Ganon. He bestows knowledge and the plan that he was aware of with his old companions. Upon the sharing of recent events, it seems that the plan needs some revisions. They are given the direction that answers may lie in the tree elves territory. As Ganon needs some time to think, he shows his new friends a good time and they mingle with the locals. This presents an interesting sight as there are more “hero” types in hiding than originally perceived. Night passes and some transgressions are made in the name of leadership. This brings the party back to Ganon’s sisters home for some needed rest. A little late night investigating and night cap later our party takes some rest. Awakened suddenly, the group is advised to leave as there are soldiers in town on the hunt. The party tried to flee but discovered that they maybe trapped. Will they stand and fight or find a parley for info? Where will our adventures find the answers they seek? Can they take on the King’s men?


Land Rovers and Exotic animals
Chapter III

Our wayward escapes found the river and a path to the man that Syth had spoke to them about. Forging the river being the obstacle before they could push forward, it seemed the party would have a long road to the main bridges across. As luck would have it some elves were making their way back from up river and stopped to the jiggle of a money pouch. Our party, being a bit tired of having the raw end of the stick here lately, decided that bulling some elves to cross the river was a karmic solution. Having not made any new friends our troop scout the land and find that their cat com padre is not locating his clan easily. They trail the clans tracks for a bit too find that there has been unfortunate event that has pushed his people further south then they typically roam. After much discussion the party turns north and seeks Ganon, Syth’s associate, to find answers and hopefully rest for a bit. The group finds that spirits of warriors lost in ages forgotten still haunt old battle ground seeking others to join their ranks in death. The party uses their heads and keeps them at bay but not from finding victims at a keep that spotted them from the ramparts. Upon moving most of the night and starting early the group find their way into Reeder that is the spot that was shown on the map. Yet again our party makes no friends in town but finds their way to the house that Ganon is starting at. Will the party find their answers? Can there be a solution to recent hero round up? Will Cole get the horses that he seeks? We shall see!..


Free range Felons
Chapter II

As the party handled their meet and greet with the crafty rogue Syth, they were liberated from their confines in the confusion of the daily for race. The escape path reunits you with personal equipment and maybe a couple of extras for measure. With route to freedom being paved in human waste, the party gondolier’d to the meet up with Syth’s allies. You bid farewell to Syth as his health seems to have taken a turn for the worse. He bestows to you a map and a random gold band that he gives a warning in wearing. With the land being open and the map not so clear, where to go is the question. You have a friend of the rogue to the north but what help would he be. Wolves a plenty the adventure continues…..


From Captains to Captores
Chapter I

We find our group in the first order keep pondering why this is happening. We find our group in the first order keep pondering why this is happening. 13507026_1347939618555563_4674220916770816890_n.jpg


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