Vaellyn Dayne



  • Landless Noble and Duelist
  • Human, Untouchable Blade
Vaellyn is the youngest born male of House Dayne. Having two older brothers, one older sister and one younger sister, Vaellyn’s childhood was typical of most Nobility. From a young age, Vaellyn took to the sword like a fish to water. He honed his natural talents under some of the kingdoms best sword-masters. His mind was as keen as his blade, and it looked as if he would be forced to put down his sword and take up the Wand as his father’s brother had done. He would be sent far from his home and family to learn the magical arts from his uncle.

Fortunately, this would never happen. (Or so he felt at the time)
His father died before he could be forced to leave his family for a life of service to magic. His mother passed away soon after as well.This left his older brothers to oversee the families extensive wealth. Within five years, his brothers had squandered the families wealth and lands. Both sisters were married off to wealthy families (some say to honor debts), leaving him only the name and title, nothing else. On his own, Vaellyn utilized his skill with the sword to survive. He made his way fighting on the behalf of other Nobles, and only found solace in the bottle and the arms of whores.

As a noble you on some the parties that king sent out to take down monsters that he knew there whereabouts of. This usually went well as it seems that the weakness of the monster was known. It was easy money and you had no trouble completing the quest. The Last Quest you were sent on was with some King’s Knight’s That was supposed to dispose of a dragon. You overslept and found out after you had awakened that the men had already left and then later found out that those men were completely wiped out and the dragon was never located. The king’s court found that you were negligent and mostly to blame as they had no one else to blame so they made you a key card to kind of punish you and make you understand your duty better. Now as a keep guard you have discovered that heroes are being pulled into these keeps and held without cause. This seems strange to you based off the king never explaining it fully and stopping the quest to seek out monsters.

Vaellyn Dayne

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