Honor of it all

You gotta know when to hold them and when to fold them

Chapter VII

With a bit more power and a idea of where to go our group make haste out of the Elven village. As they make their way through the wreckage, they are approached by a hooded individual that is looking for companions out of the forest. The group agrees that strength is in numbers and they head out of the village. This mysterious associate seems to be more than the initial appearance as she revels her true face which causes some in the group to see her as a higher power. Truly, the group has become a group of misfits set on completing the mission set out by the old heroes.

As with all decisions from our adventures, the path taken out of the village is a quick choice but one not taken by many in quiet a while. They follow not much more than an animal path through the forest and make the day getting more antiquated with their new friend. As night sets in the group make camp and scrounge up some food for a nice dinner. As everyone is bedded down, the teifling makes her way around the camp and takes some inventory on who and what she is getting into. With mental notes made of some strange behavior by the dragon man. As morning arrives our heroes are accosted by a woodland predator that seems to be nothing more than a mound that devours all that it touches. With some tricky tactics and some luck the heroes emerge victorious from the vegetation mound. Moving down the old path the group encounters some angry sprites and hungry snakes but these pose no match for our heroes as they continue towards the river as shown on their acquired map.

As the group comes closer to the tree line they notice a distinct roar of water. This becomes clearer as they emerge from the forest to see massive waterfalls in the distance. Their curiosity peaks and they make their way towards these thunderous waters. Upon the walk to the waterfalls, tracks are noticed by the river side. These unnatural tracks are understood to belong to fish people that are spotted working near the falls. As the group is spotted by the fish people there is a mob that forms and starts towards our adventures. As they gather closer it is learned that they are to be some kind of offering to now a massive creature that has emerged in the river near the party. Quick thinking to diffuse the situation, the teifling transforms herself to be as great a creature as that in the water. Well as our groups luck usually is, the mob and river monster sees this as a challenge for power and loyalty of the fish people. The monster shows its power by chewing up some followers with help of some mermaids. That proves as to much of a foe for the group and a retreat is called into the woods. After some grunting and profiling near the river shore the monster and fish people disperse and our heroes decide that the ferry on the map seems less death intensive.

A week of travel goes by without any great threat to challenge our group so they are able to make their way towards the ferry location. As they come closer there is a great looking structure ahead that upon closer looks seems to be a dock and inn. Our heroes move to the road in sight of the inn only to discover that there are kings guards around the docks. Will our adventures be captured again? Is the rounding up of heroes still a thing? How will they fair in the ferry?



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