Honor of it all

Their cold dead hands

Chapter IX

The adventurers make there way along the dark foreboding path with a light heart and watchful eye. They run into a Drow hunting party which turns into a very long and uneventful interrogation. They learn that the Drow inhabit these areas and food is scarce. With knowing that food maybe a factor Crae helps himself to a fresh victim and fills his mental and physical hunger. The group seeing this as a good idea decided to have a Drow Bbq. With most of the groups appetite satisfied, they begin to take some rest. This rest is interrupted by some scuffles at first and then a large thunderous step that seems to be coming closer. The group decides that they need to make their way from the sound and begin early down the path again.
As they travel they here sounds in the roll off of the mountain path. This is proceeded with a heavy fog and louder groans and shuffling. They soon discover that the undead have made their way to them and seem to have need of a tasty meal also. Our heroes make short work of the first barrage of corpses. This seeming to be a first wave the group builds a bottle necking point with the wrecked bodies and start to lay waste to the next wave. In the fury of battle the team hears a woman’s voice cry for help. Being the ever gentleman he is, Oboh runs out into the fog to help her only to discover she is something darker. He is afflicted with some sort of curse and she vanishes.
The battle goes on with Crae and Cole wasting little time on the walking masses that seem to be surrounding them. Another cry for help is heard but this time its in another area of the fog and sounds as if a child is in need of help. Cole, not to be out done in valor by Oboh, runs to the rescue resulting in the same type of result having been cursed and left alone. Our heroes struggle with eradicating the undead menace and making their way out of the fog. Crae and the Teifling try to show a light and lead their friends out of the thick cover. This leads to a struggle between the Teifling and the Hag, as she reveals herself, in coaxing the others from the fog. She is also cursed and at the Hags mercy when the creature stops. There seems to be a unheard conversation between the Hag and something else. This leaves an opening for the team to regroup and lead an attack against her. They seem to be rebuking the Hag but suddenly she disappears into the fog and the group is left to recuperate after the onslaught. They make camp and are left in peace for the rest of the night.
The next day is filled with silence and a fork in the road. The groups takes the upward the path and makes their way up the mountain. They no sooner start this leg of the road when they are attacked by another Drow hunting party. Our heroes defend themselves with all matters of natural resources. Almost all of the Drow are dealt with and our team makes their way to the top of the mountain. They are soon reminded that sometimes planning is best with long trips as the weather turns cold and harsh. They battle and struggle their way to the end of the trail to find a wood fortress. They are hailed to stop and identify themselves. This fort would not be that unsual except for the fact that it looks massive and is built with all matters of wood and rock. With the environment being an undefeatable foe or heroes are at the mercy of the inhabitants of this strange stronghold.



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