Honor of it all

Steering towards a goal

Chapter V

The crew fled the town of Reeder in the chaos and destruction that there friend Ganon had made for them. It seems our adventures were not as equipped to fight the great fight as they thought. They didn’t go empty handed as another ring was given in completing a old quest. While licking their wounds they learn a little more of the motivations that drive them forward to finding the truth. This truth becomes a little more real to one of the heroes as the group finds the remnants of a town that was left to to wilderness. With some searching or looting our friends find some nice attire and a little mead. This did come at a price as they had to rid their shelter of some rats in the form of bandits. After doing some house cleaning and getting some rest our companions follow footsteps that confirms they are on the right trail. They make their way to the north forest and discover things are a little off. They spring several traps in the dark to find that a friendly face has apprehended them. Kalieth cuts them down and welcomes them to his humble home. They find some rest and food with stories of time gone by. It seems their friend has been giving the closest keep a run for their money. These tales lead to a grizzly discovery, that Kalieth is severely injured. With a little prodding the group uncovers that he wears a ring and it may keep him in the realm of the living. He tells the party that an army is being built for him to command in the mountains by a bard friend. His time table was sketchy but he had waited for over a month. Everyone resolves to sleep on the problems at hand finds a cozy corner of the forest. As the night passes Kalieth finds little rest and talks with the elf about what has transpired on their road here. Kalieth decides he needs some well earned rest from this puzzle and the long fight he has carried out and gives another ring to the party. Kalieth slips off to bed and to his final resting place. The morning brings sadness and a hard decisions but with resources low the group procures some magical items and heads towards the elven village.



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