Honor of it all

Stand and Deliver

Chapter IV

The adventures have been welcomed into secret den of the great Ganon. He bestows knowledge and the plan that he was aware of with his old companions. Upon the sharing of recent events, it seems that the plan needs some revisions. They are given the direction that answers may lie in the tree elves territory. As Ganon needs some time to think, he shows his new friends a good time and they mingle with the locals. This presents an interesting sight as there are more “hero” types in hiding than originally perceived. Night passes and some transgressions are made in the name of leadership. This brings the party back to Ganon’s sisters home for some needed rest. A little late night investigating and night cap later our party takes some rest. Awakened suddenly, the group is advised to leave as there are soldiers in town on the hunt. The party tried to flee but discovered that they maybe trapped. Will they stand and fight or find a parley for info? Where will our adventures find the answers they seek? Can they take on the King’s men?



MWeaver MWeaver

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