Honor of it all

Land Rovers and Exotic animals

Chapter III

Our wayward escapes found the river and a path to the man that Syth had spoke to them about. Forging the river being the obstacle before they could push forward, it seemed the party would have a long road to the main bridges across. As luck would have it some elves were making their way back from up river and stopped to the jiggle of a money pouch. Our party, being a bit tired of having the raw end of the stick here lately, decided that bulling some elves to cross the river was a karmic solution. Having not made any new friends our troop scout the land and find that their cat com padre is not locating his clan easily. They trail the clans tracks for a bit too find that there has been unfortunate event that has pushed his people further south then they typically roam. After much discussion the party turns north and seeks Ganon, Syth’s associate, to find answers and hopefully rest for a bit. The group finds that spirits of warriors lost in ages forgotten still haunt old battle ground seeking others to join their ranks in death. The party uses their heads and keeps them at bay but not from finding victims at a keep that spotted them from the ramparts. Upon moving most of the night and starting early the group find their way into Reeder that is the spot that was shown on the map. Yet again our party makes no friends in town but finds their way to the house that Ganon is starting at. Will the party find their answers? Can there be a solution to recent hero round up? Will Cole get the horses that he seeks? We shall see!..



MWeaver MWeaver

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