Honor of it all

New companions & Elvish Charm

Chapter VI

Our heroes with a sadness in their heart depart the camp of Kalieth and make their way towards the wood elves village in hopes of finding the scribe. As they travel a billowing of smoke envelopes the sky in the direction of the elven village. This can only mean bad things and puts some dissension in the group. This attitude is amplified as the it seems that secrets are being traded and plans made. As the ill feelings progress the woodland animals make their retreat from whatever events are taking place ahead. The group agrees to settle down for some dinner and plan their movements ahead.
On the outside of the woods in a keep very close, we find a beast kept under close watch. This beast is not as animal as the keep would like to think but as it has committed atrocities against the king the treatment is the same. Crae has bidden his time and made a friend with the days he’s spent in his prison. This friend, an old halfling, has seen Crae as a long lost son and cared for him as such. Within recent weeks the keep has been attacked several time with the last being such that the whole structure shook with some kind of explosion. The halfling being the ever nurturing father found a weak spot in the cells so that his faux son could escape. This piece of luck did not come without a price and a guard discovered the two’s exit. Crae made short work of man and several other companions that came after. Being feeble and frail of heart the halfling ran in terror of the acts that were performed by his faux son. So with so perseverance and little strength Crae made his way to freedom with a horse and guard armor. He flailed the horse to the woods where his belongings were stashed and the voice says go.
As we return to our group we find them getting ready to bed down for some rest after a trying day of swift pace to the elves village. As they do a bit of hunting and start to prepare their spoils, noises in the woods alert them to a presence that is foreign to the typical sounds of the forest. Upon closer investigation and a little intimidation they find a half orc watching them. He brings with him a tasty dinner, to some, of horse. This brings the spirits up on one side of the group but pushes the elf and swordsman to be more reclusive than before. Conversation is had and some of the world events are put together while teasing out new questions of what is happening. As the night falls a hasty abandonment is made by the elf and swordsman as to make it to the village before the less charming companions are there to cause unwanted chaos. Upon the morning the barbarians are not happy with their comrades and sprint to the village to meet up and get some answers to the nightly motives.
What our heroes find is devastation and misery as the village is in complete destruction. They discover the bodies of goblins and humans in armor laying dead on the ground. The warlock tries his skills to retrieve some information the happenings but to no avail. The barbarians and half orc make their way through the mess of the village and find some elves in shock but able to give directions to the leaders of this society. After a confrontation with the swordsman and some quick talking to the elven guard the group makes their way to find Searene with her dead father and dying mother, the king and queen. As she was inconsolable and unhinged by her parents moving on to the next plane she tossed the ring into the and bid them to leave her sight. Our heroes feeling at a loss for where to turn for the one they seek are told to meet with Havvas. She instructs them to meet with her later at her home. The group make their way to her abode by way of escort. They find the place very plain but with elven charms. As they wonder and look around there is a noise that catches the attention of Oboh and upon investigation find Vaellyn sneaking around on the outside of the home. He is brought in and with argument insueing, Crae takes the opportunity to look beyond his mind and see what is being hidden. This doesn’t go well and Vaellyn becomes a mumbling mess as Havvas returns to seize Vaellyn. She informed them was escaping after a failed prison break of captured kings men held in the village. He is taken away but not before Oboh grabs the ring pouch off of him. Havvas asks everyone to join her in the parlor for her council.
As Havvas reveals much with her craft and gives more pieces to the puzzle the path becomes clouded as to where to go. Although, there is a sudden turn towards Crae and labeling him to be a devil and to turn his life around. She ends her session with a presentation of a silver rod inscribed with ancient writing. She asks Crae, Oboh and Cole to grab the rod as the power it has will help them on their quest. Only Cole and Oboh place their hands upon it and Havvas slams her hand upon the jewel a top it. A surge is felt and then a feeling of empowerment surrounds the two. Will they find a road to a better situation. Can answers be pieced together for a whole picture of the chaos the world is in.



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